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здоровье piť na zdravie nazdraviti komu piti u nečije zdravlje dricka ngns skål, skåla med ngn ขอดื่มให้กับ birinin sağlığına/sıhhatine içmek 為某人健康乾杯 пити за чиєсь здоров'я کسی کی اچھی صحت کی دعا کرتے ہوۓ جام پینا nâng cốc chúc sức khoẻ 为某人健康干杯

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An' I am going to not say how we like th' ale but, for we couldna perfectly taste it until we might drunk your health in it; though the dinner was fantastic, an' if there is any person hasna loved it, it must be the fault of his personal within.

With professional techniques in higher need within the justice method’s frontline, many nurses, paramedics and Health professionals have found possibilities to complement their job enhancement in custodial solutions

The provincial govt is devoted to selling healthful dwelling and to making B.C. a healthy destination to be.
The Times Health one : the issue of the organism or among its components during which it performs its essential functions Typically or effectively : the state of staying audio in human body or brain dental health mental health Specifically : independence from physical ailment and soreness nursed him back to health — Assess disorder two : the issue of an organism with respect to your functionality of its crucial features Specifically as evaluated subjectively or nonprofessionally how is your health these days

by MIKE STOBBE The U.S. cancer Demise amount has now been slipping for 25 decades _ a significant milestone in the overall decline

2. the state of being perfectly. I can be receiving old, but so long as I hold my health, I'll be happy. gesondheid, welstand عافِيَه здраве saúde zdraví der Gesundheitszustand helbred υγείαsalud tervis سلامتی terveys santéבריאות शारीरिक दशा zdravlje egészség sehat heilsa salute 健康 건강 상태 sveikata veselība kesihatan gezondheidhelse, sunnhetzdrowie روغتيا saúde sănătate здоровье zdravie zdravje zdravlje hälsa สภาพร่างกาย sağlık, sıhhat 健康狀況 гарне самопочуття صحتمندی sức khoẻ 健康状况

And, while I'm happy he is much better in health, I'm sorry he's so much less enjoyable, and so a lot less affectionate to me.

in very poor health enjoys good health 2a : a issue by which another person or some thing is flourishing or accomplishing perfectly : very well-being defending the health on the beloved oceans— Peter Wilkinson b : typical problem or point out bad financial health three : a toast to somebody's health or prosperity

influenza heart problems cancer slumber diabetes despair Exercise cholesterol weight problems stroke various sclerosis

Prime Stories Low cost common medications may support psychological sickness Medication may perhaps already exist that can help sufferers with bipolar, schizophrenia and severe mental health issues.

The tinge in his cheeks was heightened by the mellow glow of the sun's rays because they shone throughout the medium with the rose- coloured curtains of your window, and Charlotte thought she once more beheld the returning colour of health in which it were so extended absent.

by Mari A. Schaefer Using ketogenic supplementation may perhaps hold off seizures because of publicity to superior amounts of oxygen.

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